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  • K.A. Groves and Associates is known for employing some of the most experienced and educated investigators in the area. That’s because after years of experience working both small and large scale cases, our investigators understand what it takes to get the results you need. With responsible research as one of the main pillars at our company, we consistently adhere to strict quality and privacy standards in order to ensure our work remains unbiased, relevant, and accurate.

    K.A. Groves and Associates offers you the professional experience and expert knowledge you can trust. Our investigators are retired law enforcement who bring with them 5-27 years of investigative experience. These seasoned professional investigators have a variety of backgrounds and bring their vast experience to your investigation. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most professional and reliable services available. Our services range from simple to complicated, depending on your need. Whether it’s a simple phone consultation, or providing pictures/photographs/video/comprehensive reports, and even assisting you in court if applicable, we’re there for you and wanting to help.

    We realize that utilizing the services of a private investigator for the first time can be a very unnerving experience. Having said that, please be assured that all our investigations are conducted in the strictest confidentiality and ethical standards to protect your privacy, while complying with all Federal and State Privacy Laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). We pride ourselves in making sure each and every investigation we have is conducted in a confidential and discrete manner, professionally handled with honesty and integrity. Contact us today so we can help you get the answers and/or evidence you are looking for.